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Code of conducts


IBEC endeavours to offer a good place of work for the employees, a profitable company for its owners, and asuccessful partner for both customers and suppliers, as a company ethically responsible. As a first step in theimplementation of complete ethical regulations we have secured the quality regarding working conditions within ourcompany and our suppliers.

Ethics in point of working conditions
Our responsibility is, based on the ILO convention, the UN? Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on Children? Rights, and our regulations are structured according to SAI? certification SA8000 as follows:
A principle in IBEC and our suppliers is that the businesses follow rules and regulations of each country.
We, and our suppliers, have to accept working conditions according to these standards:
1. Child labour
IBEC does not accept any kind of child labour. A child is a person under 15 years provided that the local laws don? have higher age for children to work or to fulfil their schooling. In all developing countries with exceptions according to the ILO convention 138 where the minimum age is 14 years, the lower age will be valid.
2. Forced labour
IBEC does not accept any kind of forced labour. All work shall be done on one? own free will according to agreement.
3. Health and safety
IBEC will offer the employees a safe and healthy place of work. When it is possible, we shall see to that our suppliers have a safe and healthy place of work with local rules and regulations as a minimum. We will actively work to prevent injuries, accident at work or illness.
4. Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
IBEC respects the rights for all employees to join trade unions and bargain collectively. In the case that local members for trade unions contact the staff according to their rules and regulations, IBEC will supervise that they are not discriminated.
5. Discrimination
IBEC will treat all employees equally and with the same justice and respect no matter what race, caste, origin, religion, handicap, gender, sexual orientation, age, union or political affiliation. By all employments, his or her qualifications and capacity, will be a determining factor concerning promotion, payment, education or expiry of employment.
6. Discipline
No employee shall be exposed to any corporal punishments or mental, physical, verbal or sexual abuses.
7. Working hours
Working hours are according to local laws and regulations, however not regularly more than 48 hours per week or totally 60 hours including overtime pay. The employee must have at least one day off in every 7-day period.
8. Compensation
Wages must meet the minimum pay rules for the special task and branch of business according to the rules in the country. The pay must meet the basic need of workers and their families.
9. Management System
The management of IBEC is responsible for the implementation and information to all employees regarding their rights, responsibilities and obligations according to these ethical rules. The management is also responsible to document, support and control the work in a structured and correct way by these rules.

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